Research Activities

The Institute’s R&D activity aim at the innovation and technological development through academic and research collaboration with management of the college , Government and industries to meet the immediate as well as futuristic needs of the Society and Industry.

Research Guides, Ph.D. Awarded and Pursuing



The department was awarded Rs.86 lakhs worth projects by by AICTE, UGC,DST-FIST, DBT, ICSSR, TAPTEC, NEDCAP and APCOST.

S.No. Project Title Funding Agency Academic Year Principal Investigator/ Coordinator Co-Investigator Amount
Sanctioned in Rs.
1 Research Methodology, Design of Experiments for Engineers and Researchers AICTE- FDP 2020-2021 Dr G.Srinivasa Rao Dr K. Balaprasad
Dr C. Tara Sasanka
Dr A. Muddu
5,68,000/- Completed
J.Purushottam Karthik
400,000/- Ongoing
3 Improvement of COP of Air-Conditioning Systems by using different types of insulations and nano-compressor oil Design Tribe (India) PVt. Ltd 2019-20 Dr N.V.V.S. Sudheer Dr B. Ramgopal Reddy
Dr V.Tara Chand
Md. Hasheer Shaik
450,000/- Ongoing
4 Effect of boron & Vanadium on microstructure, mechanical and magnetic properties of Fe-6.5wt% Si Alloy fabricated by direct powder rolling. SRI VENKATESWARA ELECTRICALS PVT LTD, GUNTUR/td> 2019-20 Dr K. Praveen Kumar Dr K.Ravindra
Dr V.Chittaranjan Das
K. Snehitha
5,50,000/- Ongoing
5 Effect of Ti02 coatings on microstructure, mechanical and magnetic properties of Fe-6.5wt% Si Alloy doped with boron and vanadium. SRI VENKATESWARA ELECTRICALS PVT LTD, GUNTUR2019-20 Dr V. Rama Koteswara Rao Dr K. Srinivas
Dr D.V.V. Krishna Prasad
Dr G. Chaitanya
J.Ranga Raya Chowdary
4,50,000/- Ongoing
6 Investigation on performance improvement methods of transformer using nano fluids in the perspective of cooling SRI VENKATESWARA ELECTRICALS PVT LTD, GUNTUR2019-20 Dr K. Bala Prasad Dr G. Srinivasa Rao
Dr C. Srinivas
Dr N. Govind
Ms.Sneha H Dhoria
4,00,000/- Ongoing
7 Evaluation and optimization of process parameters during heat transfer of coal water slurry used in coal gasification plant RVRJC2019-20 Dr C. Tara Sasanka J.Purushottam Karthik 40,000/- Ongoing
8 Experimental investigation of herbal based Nano cutting Fluids with MQL in optimization of turning RVRJC 2019-2020 D. Kondala Rao Dr G.Srinivasa Rao 40,000/- Ongoing
9 Performance evaluation of Nickel coated Alumina Reinforced AZ91E magnesium compisites for alloy wheel applications RVRJC 2019-2020 Ch.Devaraj -- 30,000/- Ongoing
10 Prerana Scheme AICTE 2019-2020 Dr K.Praveen Kumar -- 8,00,000/- Ongoing
11 Emerging Technologies and Challenges in Mechanical Engineering AICTE-Seminar Grant 2019-2020 Dr C.Srinivas -- 3,18,000/- Completed
12 Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp DST- NIMAT 2018-19 Dr S. Radhika D. Swapna 60,000/- Completed
13 Modernization of CAM Lab AICTE - MODROBS 2017-18 Dr. K.Ravindra -- 7,00,000/- Completed
14 Advances In Nanocomposite Materials And Their Fabrication AICTE-Seminar Grant 2017-18 Dr V. Chittaranjan Das --- 1,00,000/- Completed
15 Flow forming behavior of extra deep drawn Al 6061 under warm deep drawing UGC-MRP 2016-17 Smt. D. Swapna -- 3,15,000/- Completed
16 Development of Tools using Bio Materials for Medical Applications DST-Seminar Grant 2015-16 Dr V. Chittaranjan Das --- 75,000/- Completed
17 Advances in bio Materials for Medical Applications AICTE -Seminar Grant 2013-14 Dr V. Chittaranjan Das --- 1,00,000/- Completed
18 Development of High Strength Polymer Matrix Composites reinforced with metallic glass particulates AICTE - RPS 2012-13 Dr. K.Ravindra Dr. K.Praveen Kumar 11,90,000/- Completed
19 Fabrication and Characterization of Nano Al2O3 reinforced Magnesium Metal Matrix Composites UGC-MRP 2012-13 Dr. K.Ravindra Sri.C.TaraSasanka & Sri. D. Sameer Kumar 4,36,000/- Completed
20 Tool Condition monitoring based on Acoustic Emission Techniques UGC-MRP 2012-13 Dr.K.Srinivas Sri.Ch. Devaraj 8,07,500/- Completed
21 National Seminar on Futuristic trends in Nano composites and their fabrication DST- Seminar 2013-14 Dr. V.C.Das -- 40,000/- Completed
22 Modernization of CAM Lab AICTE - MODROBS 2012-13 Dr. K.Ravindra -- 11,00,000/- Completed
23 National Seminar on Metal matrix composites AICTE - Seminar 2010 Dr. V.C.Das -- 60,000/- Completed
24 Modernization of Thermal Sciences Lab AICTE - MODROBS 2007-09 Dr. K.Ravindra -- 4 Lakhs Completed
25 Modernization of CAM Lab AICTE - MODROBS 2004-07 Sri K.Pameswara Rao -- 9 Lakhs Completed
26 Modernization of Mechatronics Lab AICTE - MODROBS 2002-04 Dr. K.V.J.Rao -- 12 Lakhs Completed
27 Modernization of CAD Lab AICTE - MODROBS 2000-03 Dr. K.V.J.Rao -- 11 Lakhs Completed
28 Modernization of CAD/CAM Lab AICTE - R&D 1998-2000 Dr. K.V.J.Rao -- 5 Lakhs Completed
29 Fabrication of Regulators for Bio-Gas Plant NEDCAP 1994-95 BVRK Reddy -- 5,000/- Completed
30 Effectiveness of Fuel Injection System for 4-S, 4-Cylinder Petrol Engine APCOST 1999-2000 K.Ravindra -- 5,000/- Completed
31 Design & Fabrication of Fuel Injection System for 2-S, 1-Cylinder Petrol Engine APCOST 1998-99 K. Hari Babu -- 5,000/- Completed
32 Design & Fabrication of Solar Refrigerator APCOST 1996-97 BVRK Reddy -- 5,000/- Completed
33 Desalination of Salt Water using Solar Energy APCOST 1996-97 I.Ramesh -- 5,000/- Completed
34 Hydrogen Gas Generation by Water Electrolysis using Solar Energy APCOST 1992-93 BVRK Reddy -- 5,000/- Completed
35 Development of Software for PC controlled Robot Arm APCOST 1992-93 Dr. K.V.J.Rao -- 22,300/- Completed

Consultancy Charges:
Student Projects:
Every Year College Management sponsors up to Rs 15,000/- per batch to carry out innovative projects.