Undergraduate Courses (R-12)

I/IV I-Semester I/IV II-Semester
ME111 Engineering Mathematics-I ME121 Engineering Mathematics - II
ME112 Engineering Physics-I ME122 Engineering Physics - II
ME113 Engineering Chemistry-I ME123 Engineering Chemistry - II
ME114 C-Programming ME124 Technical English & Communication Skills
ME115 Engineering Mechanics-I ME125 Engineering Mechanics - II
ME151 Chemistry Lab ME126 Engineering Graphics
ME152 Workshop ME161 Physics Lab
ME153 C-Programming Lab ME162 English Language Lab
II/IV I-Semester II/IV II-Semester
ME211 Computational Techniques ME221 Probability & Complex Analysis
ME212 Mechanics of Materials - I ME222 Mechanics of Materials - II
ME213 Theory of Machanisms & Machines ME223 Electrical Technology
ME214 Casting,Welding and Metal Working Processes ME224 Mateiral Science & Metallurgy
ME215 Basic Thermodynamics ME225 Applied Thermodynamics
ME216 Fluid Mechanics ME226 Hydraulic Machines
ME251 Machine Drawing & Computer Aided Drafting Lab ME227 Environmental Studies
ME252 Fluid Mechanics & Strength of Materials Lab ME261 Basic Manufacturing Processes Lab
ME253 Communication Skills Lab ME262 Computer Application in Mechanical Engineering
III/IV I-Semester III/IV II-Semester
ME311 Operations Research ME321 Operations Management
ME312 Design of Machine Elements ME322 Design of Transmission Elements
ME313 Dynamics & Vibration of Machinery ME323 Engineering Metrology
ME314 Metal Cutting & Machine Tools ME324 Manufacturing Engineering
ME315 IC Engines & Gas Turbines ME325 Heat Transfer
ME316 Baic Electronics & Micro Processors ME326 Elective-I
ME351 Machine Tools Lab ME361 Modeling Lab
ME352 Fuels & I.C. Engines Lab ME362 Heat Transfer Lab
ME353 Electrical & Electronics Lab ME363 Advanced Communication Skills Lab
IV/IV I-Semester IV/IV II-Semester
ME411 Industrial Engineering & Management ME421 Professional Ethics & Human Values
ME412 Advanced Machine Design ME422 Mechatronics
ME413 Automobile Engineering ME423 Energy Resources Utilization
ME414 Automation & Computer Aided Manufacturing ME424 Elective - IV
ME415 Elective - II (OPEN) ME461 CAM Lab
ME416 Elective - III ME462 Design & Metrology Lab
ME451 Analysis Lab ME463 Project Work
ME452 Heat Transfer Lab
ME453 Mini Project

Undergraduate Electives

Elective - I Elective - II
ME416/1 Automobile Engineering ME425/1 Advanced Concepts in Mechanical Engineering
ME416/2 Fluid Power & Control Systems ME425/2 Flexible Manufacturing Techniques & Group Technology
ME416/3 Optimization Techniques ME425/3 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
ME416/4 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning ME425/4 Computational Fluid Dynamics
ME416/5 Computer Graphics ME425/5 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
ME416/6 Industrial Tribology ME425/6 Nano Technology

Post Graduate Courses

I/II I-Semester I/II II-Semester
ME511 Computer Graphics ME521 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
ME512 CNC & Part Programming ME522 Finite Element Analysis
ME513 CAD ME523 Fluidics and Control Systems
ME514 Optimization Techniques ME524 Robotics
ME515 Design of Mechanisms & Manipulators ME525 Mechatronics
ME516 Elective - I ME526 Elective - II
ME551 CAD Lab ME561 Automation Lab
ME552 CAM Lab ME562 Mini Project & Seminar
II/II Complete Year
ME651 Major Project

Post Graduate Electives

Elective - I Elective - II
ME516A Computer Aided Process Planning ME526A Reliability Engineering
ME516B Mechanical Vibrations ME526B Advanced Machnie Tool Design
ME516C Concurrent Engineering ME526C Advanced Mechanisms Design