Foundry & Metallurgy Lab Details

Currently Foundry section plays a vital role in Ferrous as well as Non ferrous metals/ alloys in industries. The applications of foundry can be seen in automobile industry, Steel industry and aerospace industry etc. The lab facilitates the study of non ferrous metals/alloys research activities like preparing new alloys by melting and casting by utilizing the heating furnaces. In this section, the students are trained in various molding methods, core making, pattern making, calculation of green and dry strength and permeability tests. It provides basic knowledge of various molding tests and exposure of casting process.

In the contemporary World there has been continual demand of new materials in various engineering applications especially in aerospace, automobile and other industrial applications. To understand the requirement of industry there is a need to understand the behavior of metals or alloys. The behavior of materials can be studied well in Metallurgy lab by utilizing microscope. Students are exposed to sample preparation methods like polishing, etching and micro structural study of various phases and inclusion rating etc.