Dr. K. Bala Prasad

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Designation: Associate Professor
Ph.D Andhra University.
M. Tech., (Thermal Sciences)R.E.C.,Calicut, Calicut University.
B. Tech., (Mechanical Engg) V.R.Siddartha Engg.College, VJA .

Research Interests:
Thermal Sciences

Date of Birth: 13-08-66

Date of Joining: 30-08-11

Total Work Experience: 23 Years
Industrial Experience:2 1/2 yrs in software field,USA
Teaching Experience:
Working as an Assistant Professor,Mech.Engg.Dept., RVR & JC College of Engineering, Guntur now.
Worked as an Associate Professor, Mech Engg Dept., Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering, Mylavaram from June'09.
Worked as a Programmer Analyst at Svaptech Systems Inc, Florida, USA during Feb '07 - Jan '09.
Worked as an Asst.Professor, Mech.Engg.Dept., RVR & JC College of Engineering, Guntur during June '05 - May '06.
Worked as Senior Lecturer, Mech.Engg.Dept., RVR & JC College of Engineering, Guntur during Nov '99 - May '05.
Worked as Lecturer, Mech.Engg.Dept., RVR & JC College of Engineering, Guntur during Aug '92 - Oct '99.

Conferences Attended:

  1. "Green Energy Systems" a 5 day National workshop under FLI, IUCEE program organized by Department of Electrical Engineering, LBRCE, Mylavaram during 8th -12th August 2011.
  2. "Ship, Offshore and Port Structures" a 3 day National workshop organized by Department of Marine Engg., AU, during 28th -30th March' 11.
  3. "Computational Fluid Dynamics" A one day work shop organized by Department of Mechanical Engg., LBRCE, Mylavaram on 18-03-2011
  4. "Mechanical & Marine Systems Design" A Three day work shop and conference conducted by Department of Marine Engineering, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam during 28th - 30th Oct, 2010.
  5. "Security Issues in Web Technologies", one day work shop organized by LBRCE, Mylavaram on 20th Sept, 2010.
  6. IUCEE- FLI program on "C-16 Sustainable Energy"conducted by LBRCE, Mylavaram during 5th - 9th July, 2010.
  7. "Research Methods and tools for Mechanical Engineering faculty" Faculty Development Program conducted by Bannari Amman Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sathyamangalam, during 31st May-11th June, 2010.
  8. "Instruments, Measurements and Experiments in Fluids" Short term Course conducted by LBRCE, Mylavaram during 12th - 14th Dec, 2009.
  9. "Network Programming" Professional Development Workshop conducted by LBRCE, Mylavaram on 31st Oct, 2009
  10. "Recent Advances in Computer Aided Engineering (RACE '06) conducted by University college of Engineering, O.U., Hyd. during 15th -16th April, 2006.
  11. "Thermodynamics" a One week short term training programme conducted by Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore during 22nd - 27th Nov, 2004.
  12. "Finite Element Method" a Two day programme conducted by R.V.R & J.C.C.E., Guntur during 5th - 6th Oct, 2001.
  13. "Concepts & Practice of Computer Aided Design & Manufacture" an ISTE Programme conducted by BIET, Davanagere during 20th - 31st Aug, 2001.
  14. "System Modeling and Simulation" an ISTE programme conducted by SLIET, Longowal during 16th - 27th July, 2001.
  15. "Productivity Challenges of 21st Century" a two day programme being conducted by R.V.R & J.C.C.E., Guntur during 27th - 28th Aug, 1998.
  16. "Induction Training Course" of AICTE Organized by Academic Staff College, Visakhapatnam during 10th - 29th June, 1996.
  17. ISTE course on "Motor Vehicle Emissions Regulation Test Cycles and Control Methods" organized by ISTE Chapter, IIT, Madras during 15th - 26th June, 1995.
  18. ISTE course on "Induction Training for Teachers" organized by ISTE Chapter, R.V.R & J.C.C.E, Guntur during 20th - 22nd Apr, 1995.
Papers published in National & International Conference:
  1. "Graphical User Interface System for Production Control Using Line Of Balance Technique " at University college of Engg, O.U. Hyd.,15th -16th April '06.
  2. "Simulation Based Modelling For real Time Scheduling In a Flexible Manufacturing System" at University college of Engg, O.U. Hyd., 15th -16th April '06.
  3. "Expert System Approach for Optimization of Gas Turbine stage Using Artificial Neural Network" at Delhi College of Engg., Delhi., 12th- 14th Jan' 06.
Contact Details:
EMail: balaprasad [at] rvrjcce.ac.in
Phones: +91 8632288254 Ext: 201,