Computer Aided Design Lab Details

The applications of computers are more and more popular in modern industry and business. Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided-Manufacturing (CAM) were developed in order to shorten the process of designing and manufacturing. The main objective of this laboratory is to provide the undergraduate and graduate students with the knowledge and techniques of the research and application of CAD.

PCs with CAD software installed
The department has a well established computer centre with more than 100 P-IV systems with all the latest CAD/CAM software. The department has computational facilities to carry out the laboratory and undergraduate level coursework. Mechanical Engineering department also has 6 HP Workstation. Various softwares such as CATIA ,IDEAS,, ANSYS, MasterCAM, AUTOCAD,etc. have been installed on different computers in the department and are now available on local servers of Institute's Computer Center. Moreover most of the conventional machines and laboratory equipments in the department are connected to individual computers for carrying out computational analysis of the results.