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RVR&JC College of Engineering, the name itself brings in a lot of enthusiasm and bundles of excitement. As the students of our college we are proud to state that this is the 25th year of our excellence. As part of this success we are happy to organize our tech fest as usual this year too with utmost dedication.

The mere existence of human on this earth is the result of a perfect manufacturing. Such wonders can also be created by the technology that is implemented by us, the mechanical engineers. This is the main motto of our MECHMANTRA, a national level technical symposium organized successfully for the fifth time. It is the celebration of various technical ideas generated by hundreds of thoughts in order to promote the growth of students. The fest sets up a new arena to unleash the talent of young technocrats making them proud of their innovations. Students of reputed institutions from all over the nation compete here to rate their expertise. This would prove the best time for the collaboration of young minds and amazing thoughts at one single juncture. It would therefore be an occasion for the students to ignite their flair. Now let us have a look on the events

Have you ever thought what bloody hell does the thrash do? As smart mechanicals, don’t you think we can create something amazing out of it? Well then why to wait for. Dump in your crazy creed with Junkyard Wars by greasing your hands.

Man is quite laggard!! He wants everything to be done with a little work. Thus came robots into this world. Being technical craps lets build some mediocre bots and see how mechanical we are in Surrogates!!

Mechanical engineering unfolds us to create and design the theory learnt behind the walls. Crafting your insights into a masterpiece speaks out your intelligence. Scribbling in the air doesn’t sound practical unless and until it is made into a model. We have Techno avatar for you to exhibit your hidden conceptions.

Sharing your wisdom with your fellow students makes them understand your potential and also expands their orbit of innovations. Such sharing always results in your betterment which further yields in overall development of the crazy mind. Investigate the ‘you’ in our Techno wiz.

The purpose quiz helps us determine how much personal development work we might want to consider for getting in tune with our higher self. Iqbuzz is a wonderful platform to test your GK. So come on dive in the world of queries in our Iqbuzz and dig out the solutions.

Exercise keeps both mind and body active, right!!! Hmm… We need a plenty of this. The busy schedule of everyday boring curriculum makes us sleepy shutting up all the wonderful treasures. We RVRJC’ians know that pretty well. Naksha is the ground, warm up yourself by chasing our ultimate treasure.

RAJMEA is a student wing of RVR&JC Mechanical Engineering department which conducts workshops, technical seminars, quizzes and group discussions by students and arranges guest lectures by eminent persons from the Industries and Academic Institutions. And this is one of such kind.


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